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Ahí viene el lobo gris

Ahi viene el lobo gris
Wolves are strong, fierce, and cunning, but they are also playful and affectionate. This book provides information about the behavior of these wonderful animals and will teach you how wolves became endangered and how people are working to save them. Here you will find pictures and information about this noble animal and, following that, a story.

Así nace una mariposa

Asi nace una mariposa
This fascinating collection introduces readers to the amazing story of new life. Beautiful illustrations with detailed scenes from nature, and accurate, easy-to-read text are presented in a fun and novel format to capture children's imagination, the pages grow as the creature grows! Each title contains tabs, picture captions, a glossary, an index, and graphs, the perfect "tool kit" to initiate young students in the reading of informational materials.

Doctora Judy Moody

Doctora Judy Moody
Judy Moody has a mood for every occasion, and in her latest adventure she is in a medical mood! That's because her class is studying the amazing human body. Judy, who idolizes Elizabeth Blackwell, first woman doctor, can hardly wait to begin her science project.

El clima

Climate dictates how humans, animals, and plants behave in our planet. In this book, you are going to learn about the different types of climates and the factors that cause climates to shift and change. You are also going to learn how scientists predict weather changes and the instruments they use. How does understanding and predicting the weather benefit us all?

El lugar más bonito del mundo

Juan is a Guatemalan boy who lives in “the most beautiful town in the world.” Although his grandmother is very poor and his parents abandoned him, life has given him a reason to celebrate. Why is it important to fight for what we want?

El pájaro mosca

El pajaro mosca
If you hear a soft hum and suddenly see a tiny bird, so tiny that it would easily fit inside a chicken's egg, then you have been lucky enough to see a bee hummingbird, the tiniest bird in the world. In spite of its speed, this beautiful animal has been captured on these pages, and it also has a story to tell you.


El Pony Express

el pony express
In El Pony Express, while visiting the Smithsonian Institution's National Postal Museum, a boy imagines that he is Warren "Boston" Upson, the bravest and most daring of the Pony Express riders, delivering news of the Civil War to Sacramento, California.

Judy Moody adivina el futuro

Judy Moody adivina el futuro
Judy Moody has a mood for every occasion, and now she has a mood ring to prove it! The mood ring's Extra Special Powers have put Judy in a predicting mood, and her outrageous predictions have everyone wondering if Judy really is psychic. According to Madame M (for Moody), she will earn the coveted Thomas Jefferson tricorn-hat sticker for Great Job, Good Thinking in her spelling test.

Judy Moody esta de mal humor

Judy Moody esta de mal humor
Bad moods, good moods, even back-to-school moods Judy Moody has them all! When her teacher assigns the class the task of creating collages, it puts Judy Moody and her friends a cut-and-paste mood. Meet Judy Moody, her little "bother" Stink, her best friend Rocky, and her "pest" friend Frank Pearl. They're guaranteed to put you in a very Judy Moody mood... or something.

Judy Moody salva el planeta

Judy Moody salva el planeta
Where would the world be without Judy Moody? This time she's in the mood to whip the planet into shape. Her class is learning about the environment, and Judy is startled to learn about the destruction of the rain forest and the endangered species in her own backyard, not to mention her own family's crummy recycling habits. So, never one to take things lying down, Judy Moody gets on the case!

Judy Moody y la Declaración

Judy Moody y la declaracion
Includes 1 of each of the following titles: Judy Moody ¡Judy Moody se vuelve famosa! Judy Moody adivina el futuro Doctora Judy Moody ¡Judy Moody salva el planeta! Judy Moody y la vuelta al mundo en ocho días y medio Judy Moody y la Declaración de Independencia

La abeja de más

One day, the bees discovered that there was a bee too many in the beehive. So, they engage in a frantic search to catch the “outsider,” until the queen bee teaches them that to accept other people makes our environment richer and better. Why is it important to learn to tolerate other people?

La canción del geco

La canción del geco
This vividly illustrated story describes a young gecko’s experience in the rain forest after he becomes separated from his mother. During his search for his mother, the gecko meets an amazing variety of animals and learns a lot about his forest environment. This book also contains a brief description of rain forests and the endangered animals featured in the story.

María, una niña latina en Estados Unidos

María is a Latina girl born in the United States to Mexican parents. She tells us about her life and about her heritage as a Mexican-American. She is proud of the culture, language, and history of both countries. María likes to be herself and to follow her dreams. How important is it to live in a multicultural country, with liberty and justice for all?

¡Padrísimo, Natacha!

¡Padrisimo, Natacha!
Natacha and Pati go into business together, and they write made-to-order love letters. This leads to entertaining situations, both in and out of school. This book is about the challenges of making friends, getting good grades, helping others regardless of who they are, and of being sons and daughters. In other words, being children.

¿Seguiremos siendo amigos?

¿Seguiremos siendo amigos?
Third grade is definitely turning into the worst year of Amber’s life. How things change from worse to better to unforgettably good makes for an engrossing read. “Once again, Danziger demonstrates her ability to connect with her audience. One hopes she has more escapades planned for Amber.” (Publishers Weekly)