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A Rose With Wings

A rose with wings

Gabriel has chosen to talk about a caterpillar in school. The caterpillar doesn't do much all day though, until one day

A Surprise for Mother Rabbit

A surprise to mother rabbit

Mother Rabbit's brood decide to surprise her with Easter eggs from various animals.

After the Storm

After the storm

In the aftermath of a storm, a plucky seed survives and teaches readers about how seeds become flowers.

How the Rainbow Came to Be

How the rainbow came to be

The author magically combines scientific facts with a fable about cooperation in this enchanting tale.

I Don't Want to Melt!

I don't want to melt!

A snowman who doesn't want to melt in a fable about water and cycles of birth, death, and rebirth.

In the Cow's Backyard

In the cow's backyard

"There's always room for one more" is the message of this simple fable..

It Wasn't Me…

It wasn't me...

Who's responsible for trampling the flowers and other naughty deeds? It's not who you think.

The Empty Piñata

The empty piñata

The gift of an empty piñata provides an opportunity for a young girl to learn about unselfishness.

The Golden Cage

The Golden cage

A little boy's search for the perfect gift for his grandmother teaches him about ingenuity, generosity, and freedom.

The Kite

The Kite

Making and flying a kite seems to be more than a mother and her children can handle. But looking for alternatives is always a good idea.

Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner? No, Thanks!

turkey for Thanksgiving? No, Thanks!

A spider helps a turkey find a unique way to avoid being eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.

What Are Ghosts Afraid Of?

What are Ghosts afraid of?

Two ghosts scared of a storm? Who ever heard of such a thing? They find the perfect hiding place.