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Escenario de Polichinela

Escenario de Polochinela

Break a leg! Your cast members will keep their audiences on the edge of their seats as they act out a theatrical trio: "Christmas Presents," "Charlotte's Bicycle," and "Goldie Hen." Each play has a surprising climax.

Tablado de Doña Rosita

Tablado de Doña Rosita

In the Curtains Up! experience, young talent and their delighted audience will realize the importance of telling the truth and working together. This collection includes theatrical versions of The Rainbow's Nap and Puss in Boots along with Rubén Dario's wonderful creation Margarita.

Teatrín de Don Crispín

Teatrin de Don Crispin

Raise the curtain and the fun begins! Come and portray Jenny Hen outwitting Mr. Wolf, Sebastian Rabbit solving his friend's birthday dilemma, and the residents of the forest preparing for winter in the richly illustrated plays "Jenny Hen," "Serafina's Birthday," and "The Friendly Ant."

Teatro del Gato Garabato

El gato Garabato

Enter, stage left! Authors Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy have masterfully converted timeless traditional stories such as "The Three Little Goats," "The Little Lamb and the Buzzards, "and "Chicken Little" into entertaining theatrical plays. The vivid illustrations provide ideas for the creation of colorful costumes and masks."