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El nuevo hogar de los siete cabritos

el nuevo hogar d elos siete Cabritos

Moving into a new house and a new neighborhood could be a traumatic experience and also a new adventure. Young readers will accompany Mrs. Goat and her children as they visit the neighborhood architect to review their new home's floor plan, shop for furniture, and eat out in a local restaurant.

Ratoncito Pérez, cartero

Ratoncito Perez cartero

Pérez the Mouse is the Hispanic version of the tooth fairy. All the children in the neighborhood have grown up, and Pérez finds a job as a mail carrier. Join him as he delivers the town folks mail and learns important lessons along the way.

Uno, dos, tres. ¡Dime quién es!

Uno, dos, tres Dime quien es!

Children play "One, two, three. Who can it be! to guess characters' names from popular folktales. Little Red Riding Hood; Baby Bear; Pérez, the Mouse (the Hispanic version of the tooth fairy); First Little Goat; the Big Bad Wolf; Mother Rabbit; and the Three Little Pigs provide the clues.

¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Caperucita Roja!

Feliz Cumpleaños Caperucita Roja

It's Little Red Riding Hood's birthday and we're all invited to celebrate. But first, we have to prepare for the party: invitations, the shopping list, the food, the party decor, and the gifts. Wait! We can't forget the cake and the music.