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Eyes of the Jaguar

Eyes of Jaguar

Many pre-Columbian civilizations of todays Latin America were very advanced for their times. You will read about their progress in agriculture, their research and understanding of medicinal plants, architecture, and astronomy, their intricate writing systems, and their prodigious literary and artistic productions. The text is easy to read and poetic. The illustrations are thoroughly researched and masterfully done by renowned Mexican illustrator Felipe Dávalos.

On the Wings of the Condor

On the wings of the condor

Take a journey into the remarkable history and culture of Spanish-speaking lands. You will find that the people are tenacious, industrious, wise, and creative as you marvel at well-known Hispanic artists' extraordinary illustrations.

The Quetzal's Journey

The Quetzal's Journey

From the Amazon rain forest to the Atacama desert, Latin America is without rival in its natural beauty, geographical jewels, and incredible variety of flora and fauna. The poetic flow of the text and the colorful illustrations take readers on a voyage into the wonders found south of the border.